Developing a Real Time Bidder in Go(lang)

In the on-line advertising industry bidders are a very important part of the infrastructure of companies that need to buy ads at scale and for wholesale prices. I recently developed one using Golang and learnt a lot along the way.

Sep 18, 2015

Keteparaha - A testing framework for modern web apps

Pages and components are nice abstractions to work with when testing web applications. But manually switching pages and working with sites that are rendered via JavaScript requires a lot of annoying boiler plate. Keteparaha is a toolkit that abstracts much of that annoyance away.

Mar 23, 2015

Howto setup your ubuntu machine for cpu mining darkcoins

Howto setup your ubuntu machine as a darkcoin cpu miner, using upstart to start and stop it.

Jun 3, 2014

The Shoreditch tech community and Hackney UTC

Shoreditch is a tech hub. I work just by the Old St roundabout and find that rumours of it's demise are greatly exaggerated. I like working in and around this area. It's great that every night there is a launch party or a technical talk about something interesting. A chance to meet people who do similar things.

Apr 26, 2014

A JSON field type for Django

A JSON field type for django with associated general JSON classes

Mar 13, 2014

Galago UltraPro 14" Linux laptop review

I recently bought myself a Galago UltraPro 14" laptop. It's the first dedicated piece of Linux hardware I have purchased. Here's a short review

Jan 4, 2014

How do I use nmap to...

nmap is a very powerful network scanning tool that is useful for discovering and debugging servers.

Aug 16, 2013

man man

So much ASCII, so little time

Jul 10, 2013

Quickly force a reboot under Linux

This little trick has saved us a lot of time recently

May 24, 2013

Principles of a distributed system

Some ideas on designing a fault tolerant, system with complex interactions between the disparate parts

May 16, 2013